Ray VilladongaRay “rayzilla” Villadonga is a 3rd-generation Floridian. His family’s roots are from Northern Spain. Ray took piano lessons at 7 years of age. After a few months, his teacher told his mom that he should play drums. At age 12, after hearing Jimi Hendrix and George Gershwin he asked for a guitar. His mom bought him a Sears Silvertone Electric Guitar. He took a few lessons but is mostly self-taught. He began writing songs within a few weeks. He played flute in the Tampa Catholic Band (they don’t have one anymore). Attending USF School of Music and the University of Iowa he studied composition, electronic music and contra bass. Ray has been a performing composer/musician for over 40 years.

FloridaCurrently, Ray performs solo and with rayzilla’s Dreamboats, WAHH World Fusion Band and occasionally with Antsy McClain and the Trailor Park Troubadours and Hu Dost. His songs are full of humor, horror, satire, local history/references, love and rhythm. "TampAmericana" is what he calls it. "Strange and Beautiful" is what it is. rayzilla is an energetic and charismatic live performer; a visual and aural stew of varied influences from Louie Prima to Paul Simon, Zappa to Tom Waits, & Sam the Sham.