The Dreamboats name was born on the day the stars and planets aligned and the musicians rayzilla “dreamt” of working with agreed to play and record with him.

Alfredo Rivero was the 1st to come aboard, he is brilliant human, a world class musician of great virtuosity, depth and a dear friend and brother!

Then Jeremy Powell whose talent and creativity know no bounds, gifted himself into my life and climbed aboard. Jeremy is one of the best on the planet and the “Dreamiest” of the Dreamboats.

Joe “El Wappo” Bencomo who dedication to music is 2nd to none, his serious passion and “ownership” of our music was and is inspiring. We grew up in the barrio together, share the same gene pool. Our ears and hearts heard the “Tampa Sound” from the originators, the sound lives in us!

Shankh “ Shankenstein” Lahiri taught us a new musical vocabulary and brought an undeniably unique spice to our creations. He’s my brother and co-conspirator in other musical projects (WAHH!) as well.

I LOVE these guys, The name “Dreamboats” was originally somewhat tongue and cheek, poking fun at the bands “looks or lack of”…. in hindsight it really is a dream come true.